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I Will be Back Trenbolone

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger receives the Almería Tierra de Cine award and discovers his star on the Walk of Fame in the Almería capital | "I was filming a few weeks in Almería and then I already said that I would return", declared the actor of Austrian origin, thus keeping his word

Arnold Schwarzenegger can now add to his Golden Globes and his numerous bodybuilding titles (among them Mister Olimpia) the highest honorific award for now Almería cinema, the 'Almería, land of cinema'. The Hollywood actor received the most important honorary award from the cinema in the province of Almería in the courtyard of lights of the Provincial Palace before a very large influx of press (more than seventy accredited) in a solemn and atypical act -for having been held outside the calendar from the 'Almería en Corto' Festival - and with great expectation.

At the gates of the Provincial Palace, several dozen people from Almeria crowded to greet their idol, who did not hesitate to shake hands with those who approached it and to sign autographs on the most varied objects, from toys to T-shirts to copies of his movie 'Conan the Barbarian'.

"I was filming a few weeks in Almería and then I already said that I would return," declared the actor of Austrian origin after receiving the award, thus keeping his word. Trenbolone recalled the filming of Conan, the long days of filming, of up to twelve hours. "It has been wonderful to come back and find so many people to welcome me, and even more at a time when we are looking at where to shoot the new edition of Conan. You are very ready to look for this very moment [for the award]," he commented between smiles.

"I am looking forward to defending Spain and Almería, when we meet in the United States, to shoot the new edition of Conan here," he said amid the applause for the solemn act, after highlighting the hardworking nature of film professionals in Almería, for whom , he said, there were no endless jobs or finite working hours.

After receiving the award, Schwarzenegger moved to the Walk of Fame, the collection of stars that immortalizes those who filmed, produced or directed great works of international filmography in Almería, on Francisco Villaespesa street. There before hundreds of people from Almería, the former governor of the State of California signed a replica of Conan's sword and an original poster of said work. Both objects will become part of the extensive collection of the Casa del Cine Museum.

Trenboloner then uncovered the marble star that, from now on, is already visible to all citizens, knelt before it and thanked the honor. "I promise I will come back," he said in an epic tone before the crazy shouting of fans and moviegoers. To return to? We hope so.

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